Connecting iOS App over TP Link

I train in my garage and as such I am having to connect my MacBook Pro and iPhone in my garage using wifi via TP Link Powerplugs. The main router signal does not stretch that far. However when both devices are connected on the same TP Link Network the iOS app does not recognise I am logged on to Zwift and riding merrily along. All I ever get on the app is the default riders nearby, but not no options or power display etc, no mobile icon appears on the main Macbook application either.

If I go into the house and connect to the main BT wifi network then everything works as it should.

Any suggestions as to how I can get the extension network to allow me to use the iOS app?



Hi Running Bezz,

If the two devices can reach other on the extension wifi network (i.e. you can ping the iOS device from your MacBook Pro while both are connected to the same wifi network), you should be able to pair the game and app. If you don’t have any problems pinging, please open a support ticket, and we can try to diagnose further where the issue is.



Thanks Brian,

I did a bit more digging and ended up updating the firmware on the TPLINK Powerline extensions. Had something about IGMP that was fixed in the release notes. No idea what it means, but the app works as it should now.