iPad versions Zwift support

I’m still on my very long ride into choosing a tablet for my Zwift usage when outside of home.
(is there any badge for the accomplished mission? Should be one, especially for Android tablets…)
Since I do not have any personal Apple products, have some questions about iPads (apperantly 7th generation could be bought at much concurrent price than any Android or Windows tablets):

  1. Will Zwift run correctly under the following model: Apple iPad 10.2" - 7th Generation - 32GB – link: https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/apple-ipad-10-2-7th-generation-32gb-space-grey-2019-1-year-warranty-new-in-box/14360542

  2. Any limitation when using Zwift under the above model?

  3. Is there still any Ant+ dongle? (not the 4iii hrm - I have it, but a real adaptor connected to tablet)

  4. Anything that I should know about Zwift usage under iPad after the transfer from Windows and Android? What about using Zwit on iPad + Campanion app on Android cell?

I have an iPad 2018 (same A10 CPU as the iPad 2019) and Zwift runs fine with it. You get no shadows on the riders but otherwise it runs fine. No ANT+ support though.

You can run Zwift interchangeably on any device. I use Zwift on my iPad when riding; and on my Android phone when running on the treadmill. You can also run the Companion App interchangeably, even on the iPad, although it only works in phone mode.

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You cannot use an ANT+ dongle with an iOS device this is no longer supported (Apple’s doing, not Zwifts).

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