Switching to iPad from laptop

I have a TACX Bushido Smart and use Garmin Ant + heart rate and cadence sensors, running Zwift on a laptop connected to a TV via HDMI.

In order to free up the laptop I would like to run Zwift on a iPad Mini 4. Will Zwift take cadence from the TACX or do I need a bluetooth cadence sensor?

Any disadvantages of using the iPad over the laptop?


Hi Andy,

iOS does not support ANT+ unless you have a bridge (either the 4iiii Viiiiva or the OLDER 30-pin Wahoo ANT+ key). You can keep your Garmin equipment and purchase the Wahoo ANT+ key and a 30-pin to lightning adapter OR you’ll have to switch to all BLE equipment.

Depending your laptop, the iPad version of Zwift won’t look as nice and it’s more of a pain to get custom workouts on it and such (since iOS is just a bit harder to work with that way).

However, that’s about it. The advantages (portability) are pretty awesome.

Thanks Eric, I was hoping to use a lightning to HDMI connector so I can still use it on my TV which means using an Ant+ adaptor is out (even though I already have one).
I’ll have to get a bluetooth heart rate strap and cadence sensor.

My laptop is mid spec - i7 processor, 8GB RAM and Intel HD5500 graphics. So hopefully the difference will not be noticeable. I don’t use custom workouts so that’s not an issue.