Ipad stage manager issue

Hi-I have an ipad pro which i connect to an external display via a USB C and HDMI cable to view Zwift on a bigger screen. The latest ios update brings in stage manager which a) means I can no longer just connect and see the same screen and b) if I use stage manager then the ipad goes to sleep about 2 mins into the ride - either way I have lost the ability to see Zwift on a larger screen

Has anyone experienced this and/or any solutions

Is the same behaviour present will all apps that you run through Stage manager? If so, then likely this is something you would have better luck with on an Apple forum in terms of finding a workaround since it would be Stage manager rather than Zwift that was the issue?

Assuming that your ipad is on charge while you’re using it, would disabling the “sleep” setting help? If so then you can do this in Settings → “Display & Brightness” → “Auto-Lock” (exact path to setting may have changed but it is there on some ipad versions at least). Does that help at all?

Hello- I have spent time with Apple who have investigated with their engineering team. The response is that it is an issue specific to the Zwift app, and that other users have reported similar problems. Their advice is to let you (ie Zwift) know as the issue would need to be resolved at your end?

I am somewhat caught in the middle here but perhaps you could advise next steps?

I don’t get this issue with other apps

Hi Ian, just to clarify, I don’t work for Zwift support, I’m just a user on these forums, same as you :slight_smile: Did you try changing the sleep setting as suggested?