Companion App and Zwift support for iPad and Stage Manager

One thing you can do, and it works best with a Mini right now, is use both the Companion app and the Zwift app at the same time. This allows you to use a single cable from an iPad to a TV and you have controls on the keyboard and the game on an external monitor.

It would be nice to see 2 upgrades. For the Companion app update the SWIFT UI components to allow it to properly use the iPadOS screen space.

For the Zwift primary app give it the resolution flags to allow it to go full screen on external monitors. If you run Zwift with stage manager it uses the same form factor as whatever the iPad is. Just a few code edits will allow it to go full screen on the external monitor.

This gives a very compelling user upgrade path as a iPad mini with USB-C that drops to low $300’s would make great single purchase devices.