Fullscreen Support for External Monitor on iPad M1 with Stagemanager?

Hey everybody, yesterday i‘ve installiert latest iOS (16.2) on my iPad Pro 11 2021. Now it is technically possible to run Zwift on an external monitor while the internal Screen runs other Apps. Apple says it supports full Screensize, different than in mirroring-mode in the past. BUT → Unfortunately i did not yet find a way to scale up Zwift to fullscreen mode on that external Monitor. Is that mode not yet supported and if so, are there plans to support this mode? It would be perfect to use an iPad on a big TV Screen and have a better user experience … CY - Andy :slight_smile:

I have had the same question for months and still have not received an answer. I have had some say it is not Zwift, but Apple hows to blame. I don’t believe that. Zwift should have the ability to update their app just as all others to allow full screen when connected to an external monitor using the M1 or M2 iPads.

Zwift, get the lead out and fix this issue.

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I face the same issue. I was waiting for Stagemanager so that I can finally use my M1 iPad Pro for Zwift while connected to a 4K TV. However I cannot run the app in full screen mode. Despite having a highly capable iPad and TV, I cannot make use of them properly for Zwift.

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With the latest Zwift updates, has this been resolved. I am currently using an apple tv 4k for Zwift. Al though of the last 6 months there have been updates, I find myself dissatisfied with current issues. I have been thinking of buying an Ipad pro and one of its uses would be to broadcast Zwift onto a big screen with better graphics. Currently I find myself using other cycling apps because of this.

Can you share with me if this has been resolved or how soon can we see a resolution.


No, it’s not resolved. The nice thing about Stage Manager is you can have Zwift on the iPad and a video playing on the external monitor, but if you put Zwift on the external monitor it doesn’t take up the whole screen.

+1 I also would like to use Zwift full screen on an IPAD pro M2 and an external TV monitor using USB-C → HDMI 4K dongle. other apps like YouTube do work, so I guess the Zwift developing team can figure it out :-). please accept the challenge so we can make use of the state of the art M2 processor!

Hello all. Resurrecting an old thread here.

Is anybody able to comment on current status? Does Stage Manager in iOS 17 now support Zwift full screen on an external monitor on M2 iPads?

Many thanks in advance.