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Right, before I start this is a genuine request for help. I see how it can draw parallels to somebody who has stolen an iPad but it’s not the case here. I think I’ve been around here long enough for people to be able to judge my character.


I have just inherited a 6th Gen iPad from a relative who recently passed away. It was linked to an Apple ID but I have no idea of the password. It was setup by another relative who also is no longer with us.
I don’t use Apple devices so after reading I established the iPad could be reset. I connected it to my computer which has iTunes installed and held the home button down. This put it into restore mode and iTunes downloaded and installed new software.

However upon turning on the iPad not says it’s locked to the previous owner and I cannot get passed the activation lock. My intention is to enter my own Apple ID (once i get my password reset).

Is there any way to bypass this or do a complete restore that forgets the previous Apple ID login?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think that’s possible (by design). If you can get access to the previous user’s email and then their Apple ID, you might be able to work through it. Otherwise it’s probably just for parts now.

Email I’ve got which is the Apple ID but password will never be known.

Reading up there are various companies claiming their software does it by jailbreaking the iPad etc…
Not sure of the validity of these claims.

Sometimes it’s possible to get access to email or other accounts of a deceased person if you are legally able to manage their estate. It’s probably more work than the value of a 6th gen iPad though, and there’s no way to guarantee success.

Been on with Apple support.

Very helpful and they have a policy covering this issue. Got to speak with a senior advisor who is ringing me in the morning to discuss a path forwards.


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