iPad freezes whilst saving run - no data

Hi, today I started a run at about 4pm CET (Chili Pepper?). I completed the course and ran on for in total 15KM. When I stopped my workout and saved the run the iPad froze and hung itselfs up. Now I see a 1.63KM run in my activity list but the total of 15KM, the badge and the XP points where not registered. Is there a way i can retrieve the workout data? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Nick_Janssen
There isn’t a way to upload that manually to Zwift. A clean save & upload is required to finalize that session.
More importantly - I’d like to help you avoid this from happening again. Would you let me know what’s happening during your sessions? Did the Zwift app freeze? Did the iPad itself freeze?

I’m looking at your session logs on our server from today Feb 27. I see four brief login + logout pairs starting 15:20 CET from an iPhone 11 that all lasted less than 6 minutes. All of these recorded a Stryd pod as your run speed sensor, but there was 0 km run distance. Does that match what you saw on your end? Did your avatar move on the iPhone, or were you just testing the login & pairing process?

Then, you switched setups. There was a login from an iPad7 at 16:10 CET. This login does not have a matching logout - so I suspect this is when you crashed?

The next login at 17:38 was again from an iPad 7. This session terminated successfully, but this one - your run speed sensor was a treadmill - what looks like a Technogym MyRun? Interestingly, a bike trainer was connected simultaneously - a Tacx Booster? Do you own both the treadmill and the bike trainer? Did you also pair to these devices on the failed session?

Please see our support hub article on Technogym treadmills and let us know if you’ve updated to the recommended firmware?


Thanks for your reply @shooj. The short logins on my iPhone 11 where just to find a course I had not completed yet. (I only completed a few so far). I have not yet figured out a way to for example go to the garage or see what courses still need to be accomplished before actually starting a run and then ending it. So, with the several short logins on my phone there was no intention to run in spite of the fact that the app might have automatically connected to my Stryd footpod (which I usually primarily use for outside runs). The login with the iPad 7 was to actually start my run on the Chili Pepper course. I connected the iPad with my Technogym Myrun and my Polar HR Monitor. During the run everything went flawless, no freezes. I cannot recall that I connected my Life Fitness IC8 indoor trainer (which I use for Riding on Zwift). I believe that the Indoor trainer has ANT+ only so I use that on a Windows 10 laptop. The connection I made after the run was just to figure out if I could find a way to retrieve the actual 15K run data. Apologies for making things so complicated…

I’ll check on the firmware update for the Myrun tomorrow.

Please check on the Myrun firmware before your next run.

Also: when you crashed, was it just the Zwift app that crashed, or did iOS shut down completely?

When you turn off the iPad, do you just turn off the screen, or do you shut down completely and reboot? If it’s been a while since the last reboot, you may want to perform a total power down and reboot more often.

It was the app that crashed, iOS did not. - I closed the Zwift app and restarted it. I did not reboot the iPad. Will do. Thanks for your help.