Ipad able to log in

I have the latest Ipad M1. Have used Zwift on it for several months. I can’t log onto Zwift. Using same credentials on laptop and website works fine. Just can’t log in with the iPad. I have deleted the app and reinstalled. What am I missing?

Hi @TheCoffeeSnob_DIRT, welcome to the forums.

Maybe something is off with the permissions for the Zwift app on your iPad? Can you access the internet and log into other apps on it?

I can access the Zwift website and log in with the same credentials. Just not on the ipad app. I will just plan to use my laptop for the time being. I assume the app is having an issues.

I have the exact same issue. I am copy/pasting the password from my password manager so I know it’s accurate, but I am unable to log in from the Zwift app on my M1 iPad. All other apps work and internet works. I’m typing this message from my iPad with the same login info.