iOS problems

I am new to Zwift and I’m using an iPad, my first ride saved to Zwift and Strava, but my next 3 rides are not saving ay all.
Anybody got an answer to why this his happening?

How long are the rides and do you have Zwift open on another device?

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The first ride was 15k and the next two were similar and no, not open on another device except for mirroring from iPad to Apple TV
John B

You can retrieve them and manually upload them to Strava:

Make sure you are completely closing the Zwift app after completing a ride.

Thanks Paul I will try that,at my wits end here with this problem​:rage::rage:

Question: Why would you mirror from iPad to ATV, instead of just using the native ATV app?

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It’s an old Apple TV, only doing this until I get a handle bar mount for iPad,should be here this week

Doesn’t the Zwift app run on older ATV devices, also? :thinking:

Only on the currentand previous generations, which are the ones that can run apps. Not on those before that.