iOS app question

I run the app on an iPad. the icon has a little number attached that occasionally increments. It is currently “5”. What is this number?

Sounds like you’re referring to the actual Zwift application icon on your iPad? If so, then it’s a notification, letting you know someone had commented and/or given you a ride on after your ride has ended. You can find these comments quickly via the Companion App by being on the “Home” screen, and tapping the bell icon at the top right, next to your name. You can manage these notifications just like all other apps on your iPad. Hope this helps, and Ride On!

Thanks for the info.
May I ask a related question? Is it preferable to have the companion app on the same device? I have mine on the phone and notice it takes a lot of battery juice.


Makes more sense to use the Companion app on a separate device, like your phone. I find it does eat up some battery on mine, just because the screen is on the whole time. I’m one of those geeks who gets a new phone every time they come out, so my batter is pretty fresh and never seems to be an issue, fortunately. Maybe try and reduce brightness on your screen, or try some other tricks to save battery life. Good luck!

why not have your phone with companion app charging whilst you ride?