App number

Hi fellow Zwifters. Why does this number “2” appear on the app icon. Its on my iPad Pro. Everything is up to date, the problem is not on the iPhone, same iOS. The iPad has been turned off and on again. Yesterday 2 was 1, but as of today its now a 2. Aarrrghhhh but why. Anyone? Merry christmas from Denmark

Those are the notifications right, maybe you have a meetup invite pending or a follower request, something like that?

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Mornings Mike. Nope thats not it. Meetups and invite are used in Companion not Zwift. But I thank you for your contribution, however it did not solve my problem. Merry christmas

Succes​:muscle::muscle:I removed the notification number. I deleted Zwift, turned BT off and on, got Zwift back…still a number on. Pushed Zwift app and it told me it needed to use BT and if I would allow Zwift to send me notifications. Said yes and buuumm gone was the notification.
Thanks for your help and merry Zwifting.