Invisible Fence

During tonight’s (I’m in the USA, New Jersey) Herd’s Wednesday Wandering ride, I received a warning to return to the group, despite not seeing a fence. The countdown did not stop, even though I did, and at least a hundred riders passed me. Once I rejoined the group, I received numerous warnings to rejoin the group despite being barely in front of the yellow beacon. Is this a common occurrence? I am new to Zwift (since this passed Christmas) and this has not happened before. Thanks for any light that can be shed on this.

I get the message and countdown timer starting when I’m just approaching the fence (not actually ahead of it), but it has always rectified itself if I drop back a bit.

I’ve never experienced what you describe, hopefully just a one-off.

Amen to that! Will see when I ride today.

Thanks for the reply.

Ride On.