Auto follow fence checkbox for group rides

We came across an issue today where riders even a hundred meters from the fence in a group ride were getting the timer boot message so you had to constantly keep backing off further away. In regular group rides sometimes it’s a hassle to be near the fence. I know you can just ride much further back but it would be nice to have an option such as a checkbox to “follow fence” or “match fence” and it would set an erg mode. You could disable it mid-ride if you wanted to jump back to regular riding.

Another option that could be checked is limit fence proximity where you physically can’t bike any further than a set distance from the fence. In this scenario it acts like a bubble around the fence as a safe zone.

This happened to me today on the PACK SUB2 ride. I was well behind the fence and the timer started. I dropped back even further from the fence, and was in the middle of the pack, but still got kicked out of the ride after 60 seconds.

Hi @J-raffe did you late join the ride? I have heard that that may cause this to happen.

Thanks for your input, Gerrie. No, I was there a couple of minutes before the ride began. It was about 12 minutes into the ride when I was removed from the group.


95% of fence issues are solved by riding behind the lead Beacon.

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The idea behind this post wasn’t just because of the existing issues regarding the fence (which will inevitably get fixed) but also because I noticed some people saying they wish they could ride without even having to worry about the fence.

I’m actually curious why the fence doesn’t almost act like a force field and just prevent anyone from even crossing it at all. Then you don’t even have to worry about countdown times, proximity tracking, people getting potentially kicked etc. If you ride up to the fence no matter how hard you pedal can’t it just prevent anyone from crossing it?

Hi Neil, there was many options discussed when Zwift was planning and testing the fence, and your suggestion was one of them. There was also suggestions to have more drag once you pass the fence acting as a brake but can be broken if the rider continut to increase power.

But this is what Zwift chose as the best option, it does not stop people fro crossing it so if they want to leave the event they can just ride past it and continue on their own.

I think the fence is very helpful for ride leaders and riders, it makes group riding a lot more fun.

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