'Intervals' arc color fixed @ blue

Small bug albeit cosmetically nature but i just wanted to let you know:

In the following 2 pictures you can see the arc is blue and grey BUT it should be grey in both scenarios/picutres.
Here i’m going in the second first block of 4.

Here i’m going in the first 2nd block of 4:

In both cases the arc should be grey. The zone in both cases is zone 1!

It doesnt matter how high the effort (zone) is the arc is always blue. In 1/2 of the Intervall Block.

When using single ‘zone’ block in the Workout editor the color of the arc is always matching the corresponding Zone color. F.ex. next effort is FTP (Zone 4) arc is yellow. After that the effort is set to SweetSpot the arc is green and so on…

The bug is only present when training based on “Intervals”:

As i said it doesn’t matter which Zone you are using.
The arc is either blue or grey or only blue.

Any chance you can fix this Zwift Team?

Kidn regards

It’s a lot of effort just to try and play the “how can I get maximum XP” game. :stuck_out_tongue:

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