Interval Sessions from Todays Plan

I have been designing interval sessions for myself and the riders I coach that they can upload to Zwift. I don’t prescribe power targets as want riders to learn to ride and race by feel and use power to reflect on the performance afterwards.

I used to be able to leave power zones blank and no power targets come up in Zwift. 

As of late last week when I leave power zones blank in Todays Plan Zwift shows a 5 watt target and I get the “reduce power” warning. Very annoying. I tried to leave the zones very wide and Zwift still reset to one number like 500 watts. 

Pretty annoying. Why was this changed???

Same deal with sessions I design in TrainingPeaks. Not that I have downloaded from TPeaks before. 

I’m really sorry about the workout issues. I think I’ll need to create an email support ticket and ask you for one or two of these workout files to check. Please keep an eye on your inbox.