Interval / ERG wattage doesnt change to reflect new interval

This happens at least once per ride:


I have an interval session open with 20 intervals.

I get through 10 or 12 intervals with the KICKR resistance wattage changing to reflect the new interval wattage, as it should.

Occasionally however, the interval / target wattage will change on screen (eg from yellow 250w to green 200w) but the target wattage on my KICKR will be stuck at 250.

Occasionally i’ll get a message saying ERG mode temporarily disabled, but not always when this happens.


some connection info fyi

I have a 1m USB extension cable with my ANT+ mini USB connection 1 to 2 inches away from the KICKR flywheel on the left hand side.

PC - GTX970, 32GB Ram, i7 4ghz so plenty powerful.


Cheers all

Do you have a smartphone? If so, try connecting your Wahoo Kickr through our BLTE connection using the Zwift mobile app. I find the BLTE connection to be less prone to interference with the Kickr. 

Eric hi, thanks for the response.

How would that connection work between KICKR / PC / PHONE. . .would that make my pc redundant?

I assumed you wouldnt need a smart phone if you have KICKR & PC?




If you haven’t done so, download the Zwift mobile app. It is a companion app for the game and it will act as a bridge between your computer and Kickr via BLuetooth and WIFI.

ok will give that a try.