Interrupted Signals when using my Kickr and plugging in Macbook to TV

(Christopher Fowler) #1

I am getting the “No Signal” when I try to use an HDMI cord to plug my Macbook Pro into the TV to watch on a bigger screen. When I am just on the Macbook, it works fine. My Heart rate never gets interrupted, just my cadence and the Wahoo Kickr


Other than that, love it. Wish I could use it more. Looking forward to when it is Bluetooth and we don’t have these issues anymore. Also, the idea of training schedules and different routes sound amazing. Keep up the good work. 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Christopher,

That’s a very strange issue. Is the ANT+ adapter plugged into a USB port right next to the HDMI cable?

(Christopher Fowler) #3

Yes, the Usb is in the slot next to the hdmi port. But I plugged in a second ant+ dongle on the left side of the mac as well to see if that helped (saw someone before having issues so he tried two and they worked; it was due to Garmin hijacking the signal). But no dice. I also tried moving the MacBook as far away from the TV/cable box (closer to the bike and trainer), but still nothing. I will try to use just one and make sure they are in the opposing ports when I get home. 

Also, I live in the states and have Comcast Xfinity equipment  now I don’t know if they would be causing the interference or not. But like I said, when it’s not plugged into the TV everything is fine. I watched TV while I rode today.


(Jon Mayfield) #4

Hi Christopher, can you just try one dongle in the slot that isn’t by the HDMI cable?  These signals are very low power and having a thick cable full of hdmi signals pulsing through it can cause some interference.

(Steve Tack) #5

Hi guys,

Were you able to resolve this one? I am experiencing the same issue on a MacBook Pro/late 2013 with Zwift 1.0.6.

Thanks in advance.