First Ride and a few bugs (Mac Version)

(Warren MacroPhotoFly) #1

Bugs First

  1. HDMI cable and Wahoo do not work together. Took me a while to figure this out. No signal (from Wahoo) or very intermittent (just 0W) when the HDMI is plugged in to show the screen on TV. Problem goes away when I pull HDMI cable out.
  2. Top Mac menu (apple, Zwift, edit, etc) still visible but doesn’t work. Only way to get it working is minimise Zwift using yellow button and then right click Zwift icon in menu bar to shut down Zwift. Then menu starts working again
  3. No instructions (other than spacebar for the annoying power-ups). Presume there are some other buttons or instructions?
  4. No challenge? No way to scale the resistance for a Wahoo. I thought Zwift would adjust the resistance based on your FTP. Going round doing max of 140W on the hill at 120rpm. Unless I can increase the resistance this is likely to be my last ride as this doesn’t feel like exercise.
  5. Hoping with a Wahoo you can scale resistance so I don’t have to use the big ring and smallest cog - too much noise. Need to be able to scale resistance like in Trainer Road so I can use small ring and large cogs
  6. How do you turn the sounds off so you can listen to Spotify, etc. Insect noises very annoying and not even realistic (you can’t hear insects while you are cycling along!!!)

(Salman Abouzied) #2

I’m also a fellow beta tester…was wondering, did you find the graphics choppy? Today was my first ride and I wasn’t sure if other people experienced it or if it was just me and my macbook

(Warren MacroPhotoFly) #3

Hi - graphics were fine for me - nothing spectacular (sort of 2005-era game graphics) and mostly smooth, but I do have a mac book retina which has a grahics card

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #4

1 is not a bug. Many people are running HDMI from their computer to their TV to ride on Zwift with no issues.

  1. Zwift adjust resistance according to slope on the Kickr, not FTP. If you’re not feeling any resistance change then you don’t have your Kickr paired properly. Make sure you have your Kickr selected as your power source.

(Warren MacroPhotoFly) #5

I’m sorry but it is a bug. Your particular Mac may be fine with HDMI but I am reporting a bug that the combination of my Mac Retina Powerbook, OSX, Suunto ANT+ USB and Kickr is not working with HDMIcable plugged in. I’ve tried swapping the USB ports but as soon as the HDMI cable is plugged in the Kickr signal is lost.

Also re my scaling issue, I can feel the resisitance increase when going up hills (and reducing to nothing downhill) so I know it is paired - the problem is that the overall resistance is just too low. (i) when I am in the big ring and small cog I am barely hitting 150W on the flat (ii) I would also like to scale power so I don’t have to be in the Big ring and small cogs, but run in slower gears. Many Kickr users like the feature that they can train in in Trainer Road, etc with low gears and hence a quieter trainer . This would be perfectly possible for Zwift to do as it calculates the speed from the Watts you generate not from the speed the Kickr drum is rotating - so if they allow you to adjust the base resistance of the Kickr (up) you can generate more Power at a slower rotation and still have speed calculated for you

(Hesham Sherif) #6

This is really frustrating i went out yesterday and bought an HDMI cable to be able to ride, once it is connected to my MAC my Tax trainer is not detected at all, once i remove the cable everything goes back to normal, WHAT a SHAME that no one from ZWIFT team is actually addressing this issue!!!