International Pi day is 3/14/23 - 3.14w/kg?

International PI day - 3.14 will be celebrated on March 14th 2023.

Ideas for some fun:

Slice of pizza becomes slice of “Pi”
Routes totaling number of “pi” slices instead of pizza slices
Have a riding/running route that avg 3.14% grade
Avg cycling workout 3.14 w/kg
Riding/running route 3.14 miles
Jacques avg 3.14 w/kg
Individual ride - time trial bike avg 3.14 w/kg - grading system for ability for closest to
3.14 w/kg for entire ride
Running 3.14 miles

I am sure the community could come up with many more ideas!

You forgot the obvious

Two words: Pizza. Socks.

No, not circles. Pi are squared.

I’ll leave now.