Interface to /pairing with to ergometer Taurus z9 pro

Hi zwift team!
Is there any progress regarding connecting zwift with ergometer taurus z9 pro?
Taurus is working with app kinomap since many years and I want to switch to
zwift. In my opinion the principal technical compatibility (bidirectional communication between ergometer and app) is given. You “just” have to create the
interface?! Are there any plans in this regards?
Thanks in advance!

Are there any plans in the meantime?
Would also be interested!

@DK791002 welcome to the Zwift forums.
Zwift app will pair to most trainers that broadcast speed, power and cadence over open protocols called ANT+ or Bluetooth LE.

Please ask Taurus if they broadcast in the open ANT+ protocol or the open Bluetooth Smart specifications.. I’m not sure if your specific trainer model is compatible with third party apps like Zwift.

@shooj: Thanks. This is exactly why I’m asking.
My trainer model is actually compatible with third party apps (e.g. Kinomap), but so far not with Zwift. As Roman is already writing above the technical basis is there.


In the days before Bluetooth Smart open protocols were established, trainer manufacturers used closed protocols that connected to their proprietary apps, or established business relationships with specific third-party app developers like Kinomap.

This was a difficult time to be in the trainer business or the app business, and Zwift will not be going 5 years backwards to operate in this way.

Open protocols have been established for many years now, and this is where both industries are working now. It’s up to Taurus to decide if they want to update their hardware with this capability through a firmware update (if the bike isn’t limited by Bluetooth chipset issues). If they do - then you can connect your indoor bike to Zwift, but the onus is on them.

Hi ich bin bin neu hier und auch seit kurzem in Besitz des Taurus Z9 pro. Ich würde es auch sehr cool finden zwift nutzen zu können. Hat mal jemand von den bisherigen Teilnehmern hier Kontakt zu taurus bzgl der Option mit dem Update aufgenommen.? Ich hatte auch versucht das Bike mit der App zu koppeln aber es tut sich rein gar nichts. Bei der Suche um Geräte zu koppeln wird nichts gefunden. Das ist echt schade aber man kann wohl nichts machen. Ich würde mal taurus schreiben wenn das bisher keiner getan hat. Kann mir jemand genau erklären was ich denen sagen soll wie man es evtl lösen kann, weil das habe ich aus dem dem vorherigen post nicht genau verstanden.

Gruß André

I‘m an owner of the Z9 Pro, too, and not overly happy with Kinomap. The Z9 Pro would make for a nice value-for-money Zwift bike IMHO.

I understand the reason why this is not working and that it‘s up to the manufacturer. I there any chance of using a bridge software like done here for the good old Daum indoor bikes?

Hm, am not allowed to include links for whatever reason. Google „ bluetooth bridge daum ergobike ub-online“

Has anybody bugged Taurus about this? I‘ve just written an email, will see how they react.


Hi, I have sent questions regarding the Bluetooth protocol, the possibility of firmware updates and chipset limits to Taurus yesterday, but haven‘t got an answer yet. I‘ll inform you about the answer, if I get one. I would like to buy that bike because it fits perfectly for my husband and me. With other indoor bikes we have experienced problems due to contact of thighs an the seat-post.

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I have got an answer on my question to Taurus by Sport Tiedje. Taurus belongs to Sport Tiedje but the answer is a bit strange because they pretend not to know what the manufacturer is doing. If I was in charge, I would definitely know what to demand from my manufacturer. However, here is the answer:

“Unfortunately we don’t have much information on what the manufacturer has planned for further updates. The information that we do have on hand is that starting the middle of December is that they will using the FTMS Bluetooth Protocol.“

Hello Jessica,
Can you please keep us informed of any news? Do you know who to update the firmware of the Taurus Z9 Pro?