Intel HD Graphics 620 (i5)

I’m looking at buying the new Surface Pro to replace my laptop as it will be more practical for me, but I’m worried the graphics won’t be compatible with Zwift. My IT knowledge is zero so literally no idea!! The new SP has Intel HD Graphics 620 (i5). Does anyone else use the surface pro who can confirm Zwift works fine with it? Thanks.

Hayley: it’ll be best if you hear from someone with that model of the Surface Pro.

But I do see a couple of indications from searching for Intel HD Graphics 620 on

At 1080p, basic level, these specs average 22 frames per second (FPS):

PC / Intel Core i5-7200U @ 2.50GHz / Intel HD Graphics 620
7th generation (Kabylake) Intel Core family processor - Ultra-low power (laptop, mini-pc, small form factor, all-in-one)

At 720p, basic, the same specs average 30 frames per second.

I don’t know whether those benchmarks come from a Surface Pro, or are representative of what you’d see. They do provide an indication that the Surface Pro you are considering will run Zwift.

Hi, I’m trying to decide on a basic desktop Acer Desktop that has “Intel HD Graphics 630”. Similar graphics to the computer you are looking at (except mine is a desktop)

I’m finding it hard to determine as well. However, according to the zwift page: , the minimum is “embedded Intel HD
4000”, and if you cross reference that to:, 

I see our HD 620 and 630 are both 9th generation, and the minimum for zwift is Intel HD 4000, which is 7th generation. So, I would say we are good to go with the 620 and 630. So, we’re two generations newer!

Also, this link:   says Zwift needs a minimum of OpenGL 3.1, and that wikipedia says the Intel 620 and 630 both support up to OpenGL 4.5, so again I think we’re good.

But, just my research, maybe a Zwift member could confirm.

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