Intel Iris Graphics

(Andrew Jarrod) #1

I’m considering the purchase of a Dell XPS 13 laptop for a multitude of purposes but to make it cover all bases it really needs to be able to play Zwift (and WoW) at a fluid (30fps) framerate.  I appreciate it may have to run at 720p to do this.

The spec’s state it has a Intel Iris Graphics (which is something I’m not very familiar with) as opposed to the usual HD xxxx.  Is this going to cause me any issues with Zwift ?

For reference the processor is the i7-6560U and full spec can be found here -

Thanks for any advice / help.

(D W - ltb LMDGD) #2

I’m not familiar with that card but based on specs it should be fine for Zwift’s current state for the most part despite being a pretty underwhelming card for the class of laptop that it was put in.  Based on reviews, it looks like it will be fine for WoW.  The laptop does have a Thunderbolt port so that is something to consider for future graphics upgrades.

(Andrew Jarrod) #3

Would be great if someone from Zwift could confirm that this Graphics chipset is supported and will run at least as fast as similar HD520 based systems.

(Mark Pearce [82 Kg]) #4

Andrew the Iris 540 in that chipset is about 35% more performant than the HD 520, I run Zwift on 2 machines one is a Surface Pro 4 with the HD 520 and it runs fine so you shouldn’t have a problem at all with the Iris 540.

(Andrew Jarrod) #5

Thanks Mark, that gives me confidence that if Zwift addresses the Iris graphics correctly then there will be no issues.  I was really looking to Zwift to confirm they do because I’ve seen issues elsewhere with “less common” cards not being correctly supported.

Btw - What resolution does the HD 520 manage to power whilst still being super smooth ?

(Mark Pearce [82 Kg]) #6

My SP 4 runs it perfectly smooth on high, there is no ultra setting available. So that’s 1080p. Glad I could help mate.

(Andrew Jarrod) #7

1080p is everything I need, so that’s perfect.  Thanks again.

(Russell Hicks) #8

Have Zwift confirmed if Iris is compatible?