Install on new PC (Windows)

I’m just setting up Zwift on a new computer - and it takes aaaaaages to update.

It looks like the DOWNLOAD link is the very first version (1.1.7) - and then it has to update all the way to 1.34 ? Is that correct ?

It’s over 20 minutes now - this is kinda bad - it took LESS time to install WINDOWS - than ZWIFT !!!

Why doesn’t the Zwift link to a download of 1.34 (latest - at the time) ??

Hi. 1.1.7 is the launcher version. Launcher is a small download, when you run it for the first time it downloads all the game assets. I agree the assets download is very slow lately, I did a full install for a friend and it took almost 20 minutes. It used to take less than 5 minutes.

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