Update on Windows 10 Fails | Zwift launcher is out of date

When attempting to update Windows 10 the following error message is displayed:
“Zwift launcher is out of date. Click OK to be taken to the update page.”

When the “OK” button is clicked, the reply is:
“Error retrieving link.”

The error messages repeat in sequence.

You could try uninstalling Zwift, redownloading (https://zwift.com/download) and reinstalling.

For reference both my main PC (launcher version 1.0.44) and my laptop (1.0.50) updated and launched fine afterwards. You may have an even older version, in which case you should consider reinstalling.

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Hope you don’t mind me asking, but how long has it been since you last used Zwift?

Reason is Zwift will always update as soon as you launch it (PC…)… so the only way Zwift launcher is “old”, is if you haven’t used Zwift for a while.


Zwift launcher and the game itself are separate. The launcher hasn’t been updated in yonks, and on the basis of my installs doesn’t even need to be on the current/latest version for the game to update and work normally.

Looks like they are a regular user, I see dates in Aug and Jul of 2020, but I cannot see what device they were run on.

One cannot have an out-of-date version of Zwift/PC.

Why would one need to re-install Zwift unless the launcher is old to the point of not functioning?

Never had I come across such S/W that requires it be re-installed with version update, all the while having a build-in updater. (yes, some apps uninstall themselves as part of new version installation - but Zwift has a built-in updater…)

(Please spare me the Windows jokes. Thanks. :rofl:)

You’re referring to the game.

The launcher doesn’t have to be up to date, and doesn’t update itself. Reinstalling will help if his launcher is so old that it no longer works.

  1. The text in quotation marks are messages from the application.
  2. Prior to Aug 6, 2020 update, all updates had been successfully applied.
  3. Zwift was uninstalled and re installed (x2).

Zwift downloads and applies updates when you start with the Launcher or allow it to run in the background. My system runs Zwift from the Launcher and allows it to run after the Zwift riding session.

Last used Zwift Aug 6, 2020.

I wonder why would it say “Zwift launcher is out of date”…

As you already re-installed (x2…), you may want to consider recent changes applied to your setting, such as firewall, anti-virus, etc. (windows update?)

No system changes.

Did you follow these steps when uninstalling and reinstalling: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/re-installing-zwift-BymCF82TH