Eric , I will attempt the process again with your comments in mind.

Andrew , thank you for the update.  I will try it all again tonight and let you know how it goes.  Does it work consistently for you now that you got things going?

Yes.  It works consistently.  Power is lower than actual power, but still trends well.  My trial is up now as it only lets you ride 50K.  Not much of a trial.

So, I finally got this all working after spending an hour or so with it.  It took some trial and error, but I now have it all figured out. Thank you for all of your help.  So here is what I have to do to get things to pair:

  1. Make sure the InRide sensor pos is active by spinning the flywheel.
  2. Start the Zwift Mobile Link iOS “relay” app and make sure that the Bluetooth setting is enabled in the app itself as well as on the phone.
  3.  Start Zwift on my Macbook Pro and make sure Bluetooth is enable on that as well.

*** At this point the BLE icon should be pulsating in the upper left corner of the Zwift app on your computer.

  1. At this point I am unable to pair anything for some reason, so I have to click on “Just Watch”

  2. Then I click on orange “Back” button in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen followed by “pair” on the righthand side of the next screen and presto!! Everything now pairs!!!

I am not sure why it is necessary to start watching riders first, but for me at least it is.

FWIW: I received the updated InRide from Kinetic with the 2.0 firmware and it appears to work fine with Zwift.

Is the kinetic inride smart or smart control? And will it sense the gradient on zwift and change it on the trainer? And does it have ERG.