… From cookies. Or more accurately, from all the requests to confirm my cookie preferences. I seem to have to re-submit at least once/week. It is almost as if the cookies that track my cookie preferences are getting gobbled up by some underpaid developer. So maybe provide more snacks in the employee lounge?

Hi @Mark_Napier,

As an employee, I can confirm that our break room is adequately stocked with healthy snack options and some sugary treats for when we get those cravings. Due to browser cookies being stored on the user’s end, our developers don’t have access to your snack surplus.

There may be a setting on your browser that is automatically clearing your cache, or it’s possible that you have a browser extension that is clearing them to ensure maximum freshness.

If you can give us a little bit more information about what browser you are using and if you have any browser extensions, we might be able to help you retain your cookies a little longer.


Safari on Monterey. No extensions. No other sites have this issue.
I can’t believe my browser is tossing its cookies. I haven’t taken it to any suspect restaurants. And I’m really careful about expired food in the fridge.

This might be my favorite thread so far :rofl: :cookie:

It might be that Safari is trying to help protect your health by specifically blocking cookies to, as I recall, our Dev team uses calorie dense peanut butter chocolate oat cookies for when you’re done riding and need that energy boost to recover.

On the safari app for your Mac click Safari > Settings, then click Privacy. Under the checkmark box that says “block all cookies” is a button to manage website data. You should be able to enable those calorie dense nuggets of goodness in that menu.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll see what else I can find so you can enjoy in the deliciousness that our Dev’s have prepared.


The cookies are there, they just don’t stick around.

That being said, I don’t recall seeing any allergen warning on the cookies preferences. I thought it was required that common allergens be disclosed. Chocolate? Pretty sure. Peanuts??? I KNOW those have to be disclosed. I mean… kids are getting kicked out of school for bringing PB&J when their classmates have nut allergies! And you are just handing them out willy-nilly to every cpu that wanders by? Not only is that irresponsible, but it is infringing on Girl Scout territory.

I haven’t had the laptop tested for allergies. And I can’t any time soon. Very few of the local primary care physicians are taking new patients. Those that are are booking 2 years out as the first opening. And that is just to get the referral to an allergist.

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