Cannot Access through Safari browser

MacBook pro 2012 cannot access Zwift website beyond the login page using Safari or Firefox, I just get the black and white page with no flashing “Z”. Problems started on jan 14th . I have been through all the clearing all history and clearing cache in the developer safari hidden menu. logged out and rebooted…

But no joy!

I have been through conversation and advice from zwift support.

I can use the app absolutely fine to ride but cannot access my zwift on the website using safari or firefox on my MacBook or iPad Air.

However, it works on google Chrome on the same macbook which is a workaround.

Any suggestions, Zwift support and I are stuck!

Have you tried deleting cookies?
Any new extensions enabled, or perhaps updated?

Are you using any content/ad blockers? ( uBlock Origin, AdblockPlus, Adguard) ?
Perhaps you have an extension in Safari, try disabling or removing all Safari extensions.
If so try disabling them.

What version of Mac OS are you using?


I think cookie removal is part of “ clear all history”!in Safari so yes I have.

No extensions or settings other than standard in terms and f ad or content blockers.

I will check all of this again so thanks both of you for the ideas

I have not changed any settings in safari and it used to work fine

Thanks again


No extensions or content or ad blockers.

Safari 13.1 , it is a 2012 Mabook pro running Mojave 10.14.6

All up to date and no software updates since my zwift was working

Same symptoms on iPad Air.


Just to confirm, I have removed cookies and website data for zwift in safari preferences

and then rebooted as well.

It’s possible that the browser version isn’t supported anymore. Though unlikely.

Can you check developer console in the browser, if any errors show up?

Thank you

How do I check for errors in the developer drop down menu? Sorry!!

Ales_Grm, I don’t have show error logs or anything similar on the developer drop down menu as far as I can tell.

Here are the instructions

I don’t use Mac so I don’t know exactly for Safari but generally all other browsers have F12. This opens a window within a browser where you can switch to Console tab, if it’s not selected already. Any errors would be listed there.

Possibly under network tab as well, if there are networking issues. Though these should generally appear in console as well.

That’s strange. Mind posting a screenshot or a video while logging in?

Did you try incognito session?

that sounds very technical to me.

this is all I get, no flashing Z"


I can’t see any error log or similar option in any of the safari menu options.

I can access the site but it then just stops at the page where the flashing Z used to appear.

incognito has the same outcome.

It could be the browser. Have you tried another browser such as Chrome?

Yes, it works with chrome but used to work on safari

Try updating to Catalina or Big Sur.
My MacBook Pro is on Catalina and Safari work very ell on

Does this mean anything to you Ales_Grm???

From Developer Javascript console error log tab

Thank you Guy Fisher

I’m afraid my MacBook is 3 years older than yours so cannot update the operating system to the most recent.

It was all fine before the Jan 14th Zwift update.

Then use Chrome I guess.

Software updates don’t really effect company web page. Web pages are updated on a completely separate system.