Cookies? Really?

So I want to shop on Zwift. Right? But I’m met with this “Accept all” cookies or else I have to suffer the labyrinth of cookies settings. Is this really how Zwift wants to enter newer buyers? Really? Why does Zwift take such an aggressive posture for shoppers?

What websites do you go to that don’t have a cookies popup? I don’t like them either, but…they’re almost literally everywhere.

(But seriously, where do you go that doesn’t have them, because I’ll go there too for whatever that site does)


All websites use them, it’s a necessary evil.

Most ad blockers can eliminate cookie warnings. I rarely see any of them except on mobile.

I assume that you’re new to the Internet.


I wish technically illiterate people would stop the fear mongering about cookies so I don’t have to hit “accept cookies” on every freaking website.

Consent to cookies is a GDPR requirement. That’s why cookie warnings exist.


There are several unhelpful responses here. Thanks anyway. The main issue I have is the site has no option for “no cookies”. I can’t even view the site without accepting something I don’t want to accept until I know I want to do business with them (=“see something I might want to purchase” for the insolent here).


As far as privacy concerns go with Zwift there are definitely things that rank a lot higher than cookies (for me anyways).

What response, from a regular user, would you consider helpful? There’s nothing I can say or do to change it. And my opinion stands–this site isn’t unlike dozens of sites I encounter on any given day. Would I like it if they all had nice Deny buttons? Sure. But they don’t. And I don’t expect any business to be considerate, I expect them to do what makes them money. Also wish that was different, but there you go. Sorry I’m unable to help you with anything.

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Well that escalated quickly.


So high and mighty… seriously?

People who don’t agree with you are paranoid?

You’re the one telling people how to live their lives, and I’m high and mighty?

Okay. Have fun, I’m out.