Increase Robo-pacer Drops multiplier Zone

My remark was not about the keeping draft, but about the fact that you should stay within a few meters of the RP in order not to loose the multiplier when you are in a small group.

When you are with a pace partner and you are going downhill (as a taller and heavier rider like me) it is so easy to overshoot an RP like Miguel or Maria. I often have to stop pedaling completely in order for that RP to even keep up with me. This is so unnatural. When you stretch the limmits (especialy going up- or downhill) where you need to stay close to the RP a lot of issues for heavier riders (but also the light riders) can be solved.

I have stated this several times before (as have others), but nothing has been done about it.

Sorry, your comment was not clear since this topic is about the robo pacer Draft, I assumed you were referring to the draft.

You may want to start a new topic or feature request.

TBF the fact that it’s too easy to ride out of the RB “bonus” zone has been made multiple times already. I can see why anyone could come to the conclusion that Zwift are just ignoring the feedback.

That’s on our list of future improvements.

goes back to ignoring feedback


LOL. I didn’t say you were, I said one could come to the conclusion that you were :grin:

I’ve asked for 25m ahead and behind.

Going to depend a lot on our roadmap for the coming months, and obviously we’ve had some fairly big changes recently.


Is that metres or miles :wink:

The abbreviation for miles is mi :stuck_out_tongue:

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What’s the abbreviation for kilometers per hour?

{ducks and runs away}


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What is the setting now? With Coco this morning I was getting the warning message at 35 m (and I didn’t think that was enough) and then you went outside the warning zone at 50 m and had about 30 seconds to get back before you lost the multiplier.

It’s dependent on the size of the group with to RoboPacer.

“Ignoring all other replies mode”

This was pretty short with the Constance group - I was within 10 metres of it and drops reset from 2.5 to 1.0 with approximately 10 people. This happen on the descent on the bridge to turn right and head into the tunnels.

To be honest I don’t really care about it, set the multiplier to 1.0 permanently and that’s okay with me.

I agree, I purposely won’t ride with robopacers in groups ltd then 50 but even then you get a few meters in front and keep moving away from the RP. They you slow down and you still move away from them! It can be so infuriating. :grin:

You have an invitation to join Constance group on Triple Flat Loops. :wink:

We do about 44km/h average. It ends up with about 3.4w/kg average for me - but I’m not at the front all the time, I’m struggling in the draft.

Anny Idea when this will be implemeted, because at with the current tight distance with small groups there is no fun in riding with a small group with a pace partner (certainly if I can join one without any problems that is).

Nope, sorry.

I had this problem just now. It was the smallest RP group that I’ve ridden with for a while and the drops zone was only 10m in front and behind. So it was a lot less fun since it was super hard to stay in the zone other than on the flat.

I really hope this can be improved soon.

10 meters is small, but I have had lot’s of times where the pop-up messages prompted at 7 meters allready and when you go downhill you can not change annything as a some what heavier rider when you are allready doing less than 50 watts.
Uphill on the other hand means you have to around 100 - 150 watts extra to get back within that 7 meter perimiter.

As of recently I do not need a lot of extra drops anymore as I have not bought a thing in the shop anymore, but it is really annoying to get that stupid promt over and over again. That’s why I try to ride with 50+ RP rides only, and that means I can not ride RP rides at sertain times of the day. It is out right ridicules

@James_Zwift - the 25m would be a good starting point. Yesterday, I was getting warnings at 9m!! And even while coasting, it was going up. When it finally stopped going up, it went down so fast it was all I could to do to not be dropped off the back… The worst part is on the bumps - where going downhill we go faster with less effort that then bot who may still be on the uphill part.

Rather than a fixed minimum, it might be nice to have a minimum that also considers riding over bumps and extends them further.

It would also be nice if, once a warning is given, as long as I am putting out less w/kg than the bot, I don’t lose the multiplier.


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