Increase Robo-pacer Drops multiplier Zone

Accumulating Drops are relatively easy and most people accumulate drops faster than they can spend it.

I would think having the Zone small does two things:

  1. It will teach people to ride in a group so that when they ride with a group leader they will stay with the group leader. This will also improve their racing skill by teaching them when to increase power and when not to.

  2. It makes Drops a bit more valuable, since it is slightly harder to earn.

I had same problem in Constance group yesterday over 58km.

If I got 6m away from robot I had no multiplier increase, any further than that the multiplier bar disappeared completely.

The group was about 6-8 riders on tick tock.

yes, I know feedback is being ignored.

Edit: I know how to ride with the group and stay with them, but it’s very hard when a human robotic rider is pushing 6.5w/kg at the front and towing the robopacer and others along, the surges are very sudden. When the fliers broke away the pace settled down. Noting that so someone doesn’t lecture me on how to ride in a group.


@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ Who cares about drops? Most people have the Tron bike and after that, it doesn’t make sense to buy anything until you are 38 or 43. The main reason to ride with the bot is to get to level38, 43, 50+, etc.

I race and am quite comfortable riding with a group. But on the bumps, it’s very hard to match the bot and not get 9m too far ahead or behind - that’s just too short a space. On the flats, maybe. I haven’t ridden with many groups in bump areas where the group hasn’t broken apart for the very same reason.

If no one cares about the drops then why Care if you loose the multiplayer?

The multiplier only increase the rate of drops it doesn’t make you level up faster.

Personally, I feel like if I’m within the draft of the pace… robo, partner, I should be within the zone.

I warmed up for a few minutes the other day with Coco, and the only time I was within the big text “get closer!”, was when I was rubbing shoulders… which is harder than it should be.

I still agree that the minimum size, is way smaller than it should be.
It’s particularly apparent now that the partner blobs are way smaller than they used to be.

Last year or prior to all of the changes they’ve made this year, there was no point when I’d ever join a bot and there wouldn’t be 50+ riders around.

Majority of the past several weeks of me joining for a quick warmup, it has only been a handful (aka less than 10 other riders), with Coco.

I know less people are riding on Zwift through the warmer months, but… I’ve never consistently seen the bots have this few people with them from my perspective.

All of that said, there ARE absolute issues in some spots. (I’ll attach a spot in particular that I know of), where even if you’re rubbing shoulders with the bot, they veer off the road and their pace is just ruined.

Maybe it’s just me, but I kind of miss the consistent pace the bots used to be; they’re too all over the place for my liking.
I used to have no issues doing longer rides with them, upwards of 1 hour or more on the days I’m not doing group rides.

Now I … don’t even want to warm up with them anymore due to my attraction to wanting to stick with them, which, depending on the route, is just not worth it to me.

Anyways; ignoring all of that; image attached and in the orange circle is 100% an area where something is broken with the routing of the bots. Even with a large group shoulder to shoulder with Coco, I’ve seen her drop 200+ riders due to some weirdness, where she temporarily goes off the road, and slows down … well, to the point where she drops herself for offroad roaming.

So situations like whatever is happening there… definitely need to be looked into. As they do make the minimum distance situation a bigger issue.

That’s not the only spot, but the one I’m most familiar with.

Screenshot 2023-06-06 153802

^ This . . .

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