W/kg gaps

Hi - I frequently run in to an issue where there is a large w/kg gap between groups available. This am ~7am MT, there was a 1.8w/kg and a 2.6w/kg. This seems to happen a few times a week. There are no 2.2 or 2.3w/kg groups available (my z2). I leave the app, rejoin and still nothing. There are tons of 1.xw/kg groups. Any way to fix this?


According to the newer Zwift home screen, right now there are two yellow Pace Partners riding at ~2.2W/Kg, a ~160 group on Tempus Fugit and a ~60 group on Castle To Castle

Yeah the gap doesn’t happen every day, maybe 2-3x a month.

Sounds like this bug

Is this when the pace partners change over routes? When that happens allow 5 minutes and the robo pacers should be back on a new route.

Coukd also be that bug mentioned.

As far as i know, the pace you see on the main screen is not the fixed pace of a pace partner, but their current pace.

Since the pace of partners is dynamic, it can fluctuate by 10% or so. If at the moment you check the main screen the partner is on an uphill segment of their current route, the wkg shown can be higher. The same applies for downhills, just the other way around.

In general though, the partners should have the same base pace.

I don’t know about other partners, but for Constance the base pace is 4.2, on uphills she temporarily increases the pace to 4.6, and on downhills goes down to 3.7 or so.


That sounds logical.

No, they fixed this. The cards on the Home Screen always show the Robopacers average pace now.

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thanks @Kev_Lewis, interesting… do you by any chance know what time period is used to calculate that average?

I don’t think it’s a mathematical average. I think it’s the w/kg of the RP cycling on a 0% gradient.

It’s definitely based on the route that the Robopacer is on because some weeks, presumably when they are on hillier routes, the average can be 0.1w/kg about what they’re supposed to be.