Incorrect segment timer in France

Not noticed this before, haven’t ridden this route for a while so not sure when it would have appeared or which update it was after but there was a weird timer that started when going up the hill towards venn top in France.

the distance to go got further away not nearer as I rode and it remained there until the turning to venn top. It was there each time i went up the hill.

as a separate note the lead in distance is still wrong for that route - it has been since lead ins were added, i used to mention it but got bored!

ah - not just me then. It stays all on when you turn onto Ventop, and quite annoying: I think unchangable graphic overlays are now > 50% of the screen area.

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ah really, yeah that would be super annoying!

i wonder if a workaround might be to do a quick u turn when it appears and then u turn if it goes away?

but definitely needs fixing,. it was annoying enough for me and i only had it for the mini climb