Incorrect numbers

(Bill Pierce) #1

It seems that I’ve to work harder to stay with friends that I ride with,On the road I can beat them without a problem but on zwift they kill me.Not sure if it’s my set up or there set up or something else hoping and looking for answers to level the play field to have a more enjoyable experience.

(Lin Alan) #2

Is your weight entered correctly on Zwift? Are your friends weights entered correctly on Zwift? Entering a lighter weight (aka weight doping) will give someone a higher W/kg and thus give them an advantage.

Power meters or smart trainers or Zwift Power (ZP)? Power source and whether it’s been calibrated and zeroed can give someone an advantage or disadvantage.

Zwift is calculating W/kg from your inputs. Garbage in garbage out!

(Martyn Kimberley OP [B]) #3

Get used to it Bill. There are some club mates that i can trash out on the road both climbing and during prolonged efforts on the flat. Yet their segment times and race performances on Zwift are somewhat ‘improved’.

I don’t suspect any foul play to be honest but i know that they are using smart trainers for their power interaction with Zwift. I suspect they have calibration issues with their trainers. I use a crank based power meter, so i know my data is consistent both on the road and trainer.

YOu have two choices. A gentle nudge to ge them to calibrate correctly. OR train hard on zwift to get level with them in the virtual world which will lead you beat them by more in real life!

(Philip Lee) #4

Check you’re not riding a TT bike - they give no draft effect and can make it really hard to stay with a group

(David Zylberberg Z-man WBR (C)) #5

If by any chance you are using a power meter and they are using simulated power, this makes a big difference. One of my buddies was using a Cyclops fluid 2 with simulated power and then moved onto a Kickr and the difference was substantial like 1 w/kg lower using real power.