Much Better on Zwift than the Road. Could I be cheating without knowing

I’m new to Zwift since November. I’ve done a bit of cycling on the road averaging roughly 25km/h but never really pushing myself however on Zwift I’m a lot fast. I did my first race there is the C category and finished 5th averaging power 316W. Speaking to friends who do a lot more and faster road cycling than me can’t get close to me on Zwift. I feeling this can’t be right, could you better on Zwift than the road or could I be cheating without knowing? My weight is however correct on zwift so that isn’t the issue.

Please give a run down of your entire setup. I am guessing you are on a non-smart trainer and you are not using a power meter.

No I have a smart trainer alright. I have the elite direto x. Everything seems to be working ok. I’m so confused

Have you done a calibration using the Elite app.

Weight, Height and crank length set correctly?

Something sounds pretty off, 15-16 mph on the road does not jive with 300+ watts

Unless maybe your real life bike is mega upright and you wear baggy clothes and your rear tire is flat