Incline/decline reversed on zwift

Hey guys

Anyone had an issue on zwift where inclines are declines and visa versa???
Just completed a race and was very difficult to get power down going up the agony trying the wheel on a downhill.

Hi @Richard_Godfrey_SDCC
That’s some odd behavior.

I looked at your session logs on our server from your ride earlier today, and something caught my attention. The connected Controllable device was an Elite Realtrainer, but the connected trainer was a Tacx Booster. Do you own both of those trainers?

Unless two people are riding simultaneously, it’s good practice to unplug the unused trainer so that it doesn’t auto-connect to your Zwift app with unexpected results. And if two people are riding simultaneously - well, be extra careful which trainer you connect to.

Hi thanks for looking into this.

So my wife runs a tacx and we sometimes go on together as one on pc and one on iPad.
Today the tacx had no power and I only had my trainer on.
It is really strange that should show up like that.

I experienced something like that on my first ride this Winter.

Realised afterwards that I had mistakenly left the trainer connected by Bluetooth to the Tacx calibration app (which is on the same phone as the Zwift Companion app) so even though it connected via ANT+ to the PC and Zwift, Zwift was unable to control it properly.

If your Tacx was powered off today, it’s indeed odd that it recorded in your session. The Zwift game app piggybacks onto your computer OS’s default browser (Internet Explorer for Windows users like you) , so try purging the cache on IE please.

If the original problem persists (or goes away), let us know please?