Watts don’t fit the landscape

Hi there,
I’m new in the forum and couldn’t find help for my issue with zwift. I train on a Tacx Flux S.

I was doing a free ride in Innsbruck today and had the following issue: The power I was peddling didn’t fit the landscape. Going up hill was easy, going downhill was verly difficult. It seems as if there was a big time delay. I tried calibrating the trainer, updated the software on the trainer, took the trainer of the power. Stopped the app on Apple TV. Deleted the app from Apple TV. But the problem didn’t go away.

I also had problems connecting the trainer to the app.

I hope you can help me.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Basti_Conkright welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here.

It looks like you’ve taken the right troubleshooting steps - calibrating the trainer w/ the Tacx app, updating firmware and so on. Maybe one last routine step to take - power off the ATV and reboot. As with any computer, it’s good to reboot regularly.

Because you’ve taken all these precautions, the most likely cause of poor power synchronization with the game is a fluctuation in the Bluetooth signal between the trainer and the game app. If there are signal dropouts, it would cause that sense of delayed control.

I took the partial log file from your session today at 12:55pm UTC, and uploaded to zwfitalizer.com. This is a third party site that examines specific log files for various issues. Here’s what your Bluetooth performance looks like:

There are ways to reduce Bluetooth interference. Our community reports that turning off fluorescent light fixtures and fans is an easy first step to reduce electrical interference. Would you try the steps listed in our support hub and report back with results?