Inaccurate reading-Tickr X

My Tickr reads almost 50 bpm below what it should, for example I have just rowed 2000m and my heart rate using Tickr X did not rise above 46 bpm. My heart rate at the end of the workout was 96 bpm. Tickr X is always registering 50 bpm below what it should read on all readings. Either I am extremely fit as a 75 year old or TickrX is not working. I suggest the latter!
Has anyone encountered this sort of issue?

Yes. On my original TICKR, and then on a new TICKR X. I gave up on TICKRs.

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Many thanks Joshua, I appreciate your reply. I think I too will give up on it, sadly I’ve only just bought it.

If it’s a recent purchase, contact Wahoo support. They may replace it.

Yeah, they’ll just replace it without much hassle. You may end up replacing it over and over though so if you’re fine with that, give it a whirl.

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Thanks Paul, I will try that.

Thank you Joshua, I will try that and if it doesn’t work I will give it a whirl, over my head and into the bin!

Another vots to just ditch the Tickr, I never had any luck with them. I love my Wahoo Kickr trainers, but the Tickr is honestly not great, mine just kept being flaky. Wahoo kept replacing them but honestly who needs that hassle. Switched to a Polar H10 and no problems since. They’re expensive but well worth it for the saved hassle!

Mine’s perfect and has been from day one apart from when the battery needed replacing. :man_shrugging:t2:

@Dave_ZPCMR Which generation do you have?

Boggo Tickr, with original strap which I just clean in warm soapy water from time to time.

There’s always exceptions to every rule. But if you check out any cycling forum the overall pattern is pretty clear.

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Could just as easily make that claim the other way around. I’d expect they’ve sold a lot more units than the number of people complaining on cycling forums.

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We’ll have you defending Garmin Vector pedals next :wink:

I understand what you’re saying but… no. They’re legendarily poor.

Here's a legend:

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That’s the original TICKR. Not the one sold today.

Ah right, sorry - that’s what I meant. In that case I have an original Tickr, bought it in January 2019.

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Looking back on my original post it may be confusing (words are hard).

I had a current generation TICKR that failed, alongside a TICKR X. I have no experience with the ORIGINAL TICKR except to say that looking around and in conversations people are happy with them and still use them with no issues.

I’ve got an original TICKR too, still working well, used with a Garmin strap (because I prefer it).