HRM showing weird numbers (Wahoo Tickr X)


HRM game isn’t showing properly, using my Bluetooth Wahoo Tickr X, connectedto the game on my iMac. The measurement shown on screen starts low, then very slowly increases during my workout or race. Its as if the game is averaging my initial heart rate with the current heart rate, weighted for the initial rate.

The Mac also registers Bluetooth serial link errors during these games, although I’m not clear if thats the trainer or the HRM.

Any advice?

Have you tried changing the batteries? And connecting with ANT+ rather than BT?

That said, this sounds like an issue I was having with my TICKR. Turned out to be a broken HRM which got replaced under warranty. New HRM works just fine over BT and ANT+ (connected to Zwift on a 2010 iMac)

Thanks, yes I did change the batteries. Didn’t help.

How did you conclude the TICKR was broken?

I did a whole bunch of troubleshooting:

Fresh batteries - worked the first time after new batteries, then same problem
Updated TICKR firmware - same problem
Different computer - same problem
Different connection (ANT+ or BT) - same problem
Different Wahoo strap - same problem
Different HRM (borrowed friends Garmin) - worked fine on BT/ANT+

After I did all this I wrote up my findings and sent them to Wahoo tech support along with proof of purchase. They agreed that my TICKR was defective and shipped me a new one.

I’ve been having similar problems with my tickr. For the first 15-20 mins if flatlines and then eventually picks up my heartrate and acts normal. After a recent firmware update it is doing what you describe Iarla, and slowly climbs up, sometimes flatlines very high at like 225bpm, and then eventually settles in and is accurate. Super frustrating though because for the first ~30mins of the race I have no HR info.
I had the same exact issue on an outdoor ride today. I may try replacing the battery but it doesn’t really seem like a battery issue…

Try wetting the back of the electrodes on the strap and wear the strap 5-10 mins before hand. It’s important to wet the electrodes to ensure you have good conductivity.
The problem can also be especially apparent at this time of year when it is dry, cold and windy outside.
Also indoor riding can play havoc with this stuff due to sweat so make sure you clean the hrm strap at least every week and that there is no corrosion of any kind on the connections to the module.
If that doesn’t help and you’ve tried a new battery (maybe non Duracell - gold issue around bitter cells and quarq) then try a different strap. They don’t last forever.
Hope that helps somewhat.

Thanks both - I may have a solution if you use a Mac for Zwift.

The 3rd solution (**) from this 2003 Zwift troubleshooter (yes, you read that right, 2003), gave me consistent HRM data on a 1 hour Zwift ride this evening. You’ll need to correct the URL, as links aren’t allowed but it’s:
support [dot] zwift [dot] com/en_us/resolving-mac-ble-pairing-issues-after-an-update-HykziTnzr

If it works for others, perhaps it’s the solution we’re looking for.

** the solution ‘Removing potentially corrupt files.’

Ps yes David, I’ve been careful to wet the electrodes, but you’re right that can definitely cause drop outs.

Hi Larla,
Thanks for the update. I do use a Macbook Pro and have to reset the PRAM after every update or I get very inconsistent bluetooth connectivity, good to see Zwift have resolved the issue since 2003 ( :rofl: ). Can you clarify when you say the third solution do you mean the “Removing potentially corrupt files”? My strap has issues when connected to my Bolt as well so I do think the issue is with the HRM.

Thanks for the ideas. I always wet it before use and wipe down after. When I’m warming up on the trainer I’ll always try to adjust it / get it more wet etc. and nothing seems to get it back working.

Opened up a ticket with Wahoo so we’ll see what they say.

Yes, its the ‘Removing potentially corrupt files’ one.

Did these solutions work for you all in the end?

I’m having similar issues with the Wahoo Tickr. It’s very frustrating because I’m finding impacting my decisions to go in a race or to take it easier!

I’m having issues with my blooming Garmin Forerunner 235 for running as well to compound my HR data drama.

Plist removal seems to work, but it may be needed after each update.