Inaccurate cadence reading

Hi. I have read that there are many people having issue with inaccurate cadence readings. Has anyone had a fix for this?
I am using Wahoo speed and cadence sensors fixed to my bike(not smart trainer)
Cadence is reading correct on wahoo element and sensors have got a new battery’s.

Are you having an issue with inaccurate cadence readings?

If not, then there’s nothing to fix.

People report problems for a lot of reasons… there isn’t one standard fix.

If I use the cadence signal from my Direto, it tends to be erratic at high cadence and/or under light load, but becomes more reliable as resistance increases and cadence settles down. Still, it’s variable enough that it makes workouts with cadence targets frustrating so…

I usually pair my Garmin cadence sensor instead. That can also be a bit quirky when I’m first starting out. Sometimes, I’ll start riding and my avatar’s feet don’t move. The bike will move, but cadence reads 0 rpm and avatar doesn’t pedal. When this happens, I give the cadence sensor (attached to my crank arm) a flick or two with my fingers to wake it up then start pedaling again. Works every time, and - once I’m riding, it works perfectly for hours.

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