In App Music?

On my street rides I use Cyclemeter which has in app access to iTunes. I’m wondering if there is a way to offer something similar in Zwift?

I love the sound fx in Zwift and the overall attention to detail with sound etc (I own a recording studio :slight_smile:), but would love to add my own music to up the adrenaline ante so to speak.

Perhaps being able to upload your own… have it housed on your own device as not to take up Zwift server space…

If anyone has a work around, I’m all ears (pun intended!).


big C

What device do you use to run Zwift?

I use a PC and have iTunes playing in the background.

If using an iOS device you should be able to also play iTunes in the background.


I use a Windows PC and use Spotify while riding. Just open both zwift and Spotify.

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Mac :slight_smile: I primarily hookup my IPad to an external monitor and use the Zwift Companion App on my iPhone.

I use my Note8 phone and run Spotify and Zwift at the same time, then casted to my TV.

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