Zwifting running in background

Hi all, 

Contacted Zwift and they confirmed that they currently don’t have a way of allowing Zwift to run while you check out other applications.  I recently was doing a race and listening to some of my favourite tunes on Spotify.  Spotify stoped after the completion of my album selection and I couldn’t go to Spotify without dropping out from the cycling team that had dropped the hammer.   So, no music as I wanted  to stay cycling with my friends.  

What platform? On windows, you can switch to other applications using Alt + Tab on the keyboard without loosing you place in the ride (keep pedaling of course).

Hi Mike, I’m currently using my Apple I-pad on an IOS platform.  I unfortunately don’t have the keyboard option to move to another application   Good know that it is possible with Windows.  

I suffered this on TV Os. Created long playlists then switched to streaming the music from my iPad via Bluetooth to the surround system and leave Zwift running on the appleTV 4K.