Spotify/Other Music System Control in iOS

If you’re running both Zwift and Spotify on iOS it would be helpful to be able to skip/select tracks etc. from within Zwift - if you switch apps to Spotify your avatar stops moving.

Can you add a small widget style control which you can navigate to, like the regular rider controls at the bottom of the screen?

Brett, on iOS you can just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the normal iOS control center which has skip/pause/volume etc on it to do basic Spotify controls there.   It’s built right into iOS so it works from within all apps.

You can, but when you swipe up Zwift stops, your power/time/etc. all stop until you swipe down again, so it interrupts your workout for 10-15 seconds so if you’re in a workout or group it really disturbs things.

Is that how it’s supposed to affect Zwift or do I have an issue?

So, could iOS Zwift continue to read the sensors and feed the bike input to the server, and thus keep the ride going, while the iOS control center is active?