Improved User Onboarding

I’m new to Zwift, and I’ll be honest, it’s pretty crap in terms of the new user experience. I’ve only persisted with it rather than sticking to KinoMap only at friends’ recommendations.

A proper onboarding would be something that actually explains what the ■■■■ is happening, what you’re supposed to do within the App, or hints that guide you - eg. If you’re doing 150 RPM (like I was) in my first FTP it might hint to you that you need to turn on ERG mode or similar.

Equally, some lessons / guides on “how to draft”, “how to follow” as now a couple of weeks in, and having done a couple of events / tried a race (that crashed), I’m really not clear on how the ■■■■ I should be using the tools.

Even simple stuff within the app about using drops for gear - why should / would I do that - I only found that out having crawled around Zwift insider. I shouldn’t really have to do that.