Tutorial and Beginner Zwift Fitness

Something I’ve seen quite a few times over on Zwift Riders and have experienced in person a few times when I’ve introduced Zwift to people is the complexity of platform at the beginning and difficulty of joining social rides for some new riders (unable to keep pace yet). I know Zwift has put quite a bit of work in helping people get up and running with the physical side of Zwift (trainer, hardware, connectivity, etc.) But I think there is an opportunity to maybe give a software side tutorial. A basic walk through of the features of Zwift. How to turn, what all the information on the screen is and what it means, how to change your avatar, how to start and complete training plans and workouts, what the trainer difficulty setting means.

I also think that a beginner fitness workout plan might be a good idea. I know people can get overwhelmed seeing the racing and 3.0 w/kg group rides and over an hour long workout is not something of interest. So I’m purposing a workout plan that starts with an assumed ftp of maybe 100 or some other set starting point and describing what sensations they should be experiencing at different point of those first few workouts and how to adjust the FTP setting up or down if needed. I don’t think these workouts should be more then 30-45 mins at first and basically have the goal of building to somewhere around a steady 2.0w/kg (which I do realize is a variable based on each person individually). But that general idea. Help close the gap between couch and social ride. While a few social rides have lowered their target W/kg to 1.5 or so there is still a jump to entering your first group ride.