Possible Upgrades

I am very new to this so please bear with me.


I have been trying to find a workout/race to enter that has the very basics.

The workout I was hoping to find would push me and my abilities but the only 30 min workout that I have found is Jon’s short mix.

The issue I have is that all the power outputs are way more advanced than I am. My maximum power is around 250 watts but my average is around 130-160 watts. So during this workout the least watts is 190. I was hoping to find something more realistic with my beginner level. 


This is where I would like to help create some simpler classes and races.

I know you are in my town tomorrow 12-9 but I am not able to make the session. I would really like to help with the development of this and think it could benefit a lot of riders like me. Just really looking to loose some weight and have a fun time doing it.

Please let me know what I can do to help going forward.

Easy fix would be to change your FTP within Zwift to a lower number or you could create a custom workout that fits your abilities.