FRs from a new player

So started zwifting for a week or so and mostly like it there are some features that would help make it more accessible (some of these look common)

As a user on windows I want to be able to select a route without having to exit the application

As someone on a route I’d like to have more data about the route such as :
// estimated time to completion (based on current speed)
// percentage complete
// remaining elevation
(This could be achieved by rotating the display on the upper middle visual)

As a user selecting a route I’d like to know if I have already got the badge for that route so that I can easily collect all the badges

As a new user I found the tutorial quite confusing, perhaps a bit more detail on the visuals (and the companion app)

Also I just got the survey through from zwift and rather than asking about how to improve the platform it was more about membership options and attracting new customers. Doesn’t give the best impression

Sure there will be more :slight_smile:


Not bothered just not quite the ‘welcome to the platform’ email. No bother if it was just bad timing