Im not getting any support! HELP

My experience with Zwift so far is a disaster and I’m going to look into alternatives.  Clearly you do not respect your followers.  I put in a ticket because of the problems I had signing up.  To accomplish this I ended up creating two account.  One needs to be cancelled but there is no such option in my account so I will just put in a fake cc number.

Saving to Garmin only works about 1 out of 3 sessions.  And if it doesn’t save to Garmin, the fit file I would use to upload to Garmin is corrupted.  Do you or do you not support saving to Garmin?

I need a faster response than 2 weeks!  Like later today would be appropriate

You should be able to cancel the unneeded account here:

Try disconnecting your Garmin and account and reconnecting it. Uploads to Strava have been an issue for some, I would guess this is due to the increase in membership and the increase in activities being synced. 

Are you using a PC, Mac, iOS, or AppleTV for Zwift?

Where are you getting the .fit file from that it is corrupt?

Hi Carolin,

I actually responded last Tuesday. Please look up ticket 113517 - it includes instructions and possible solutions for the issue.

You can find your ticket here:

Thought I would try and assist Eric.