I'm having a hard time believing the numbers

So I started using zwift and my bkool Smart Go trainer for the first time yesterday and the day before. I first did the shorter FTP test (to see what it was like and lack of time for the day) and the next day the normal FTP test (to get my real score for training) But while taking the second test a majority of the time I was going a whopping 0-3mph at 0.4-0.6w/kg and I cant help but feel that is vastly inaccurate. I am no racer by any means but I cant help but feel its telling me that I’m on training wheels and riding a bike for the first time. Am I that out of shape or is there something buggy going on?

I am going to start with the usual questions.

  1. Did you calibrate your trainer.
  2. Did you set your correct weight in game. Check the units kg/lb. 220kg vs 220lb is a big difference. Trust me this happen.
  3. Try to just do a free ride and check your power and speed on a flat road.
  4. Did you pair the trainer as a power source and controllable trainer.

Let me know how is these suggestions help.

  1. From what I can gather my trainer has no calibration option.
  2. My weight is in lbs and is the correct 199
  3. I can try a free ride tomorrow. Will update when I do
  4. Yes it is set as both of those. Though now I am noticing that it gives me 2 options Bkool Power or Bkool FE-C. Whats the difference?

Use the FE-C option.

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As Gerrie stated above: “Use the FE-C option”

From a post I made yesterday in another thread:

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That helped a lot thanks!

I’m now hitting 1.7w/kg and that sounds about right to me Thanks so much for the help!