If I increase my watts should my speed increase?

So I am generally new; been riding for about a month. I am still trying to confirm my TACX is picking up my effort correctly. Could someone answer these basic questions for me:

If I am riding a long at a given speed with a power of say 200w then pick it up to say 450w (with no grade change) should my speed increase? Intuitively, I would think it should, but it doesn’t. It acknowledges my increased wattage, but my speed stays the same.

When I climb a hill… my resistance doesn’t really get anymore difficult, I just need to increase my cadence to move my guy up the hill. Is that the way its supposed to work? (FYI- my difficulty is set to MAX)

Any help would be appreciated.



Yes it should

no, it should get harder if you have a smart trainer. What type of Tacx trainer are you using and how are you pairing (bluetooth or ant+)? Also, what device do you use for running the game (iPad, apple tv, PC, etc…)

Hi Mike:

I have a FLUX S I use PC w/ Windows 10 / TV and connect with Ant+



Make sure you are using the FE-C connection, this one is for controllable smart trainers.

Thanks, but how do I do that?

It will be one of the options when pairing your trainer in the game, click on the search button when the pairing screen comes up and choose whatever one has FE-C

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Thanks Mike; I will give it a try.

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Thanks Mike; I think I may have has this set incorrectly before as I think I feel a little more resistance while climbing…a little…

But I did a little test on a couple of sprints… I did 2 sprints, 2 separate times. First time around, I did them at average effort and wattage. The second time around, I really pushed it, doubled my wattages, but still did each sprint in the same amount of time…frankly, the second time was marginally slower.

Another example, I rode on a flat road, in the same gear, at one point at an RPM of 60, another point at 90, my speed did not change at all.

That doesn’t make sense does it?